I would like to kindly inform people interested in the currently created game Legends of Aria (formerly Shards Online) - that the service MoonGate some time ago joined the work on this game - launching a social server (currently in the version of heat start).

Legends of Aria is a game that in the pages of many game websites and the former Ultima Online community - is often referred to as Ultima Online 2. The project works, among others, a group of former developers of UO, aiming to create a product as ambitious as the good old Ultima.

Link to the movie from the game:

Our server (named SVAROG) operates based on the official license of the developers of the game - Citadel Studios and is on the official list of servers available after the choice of logging into the game (currently as one of the few servers in the world).

SVAROG works on multiprocessor dedicated Xeons with a guaranteed 1Gbit (DSL) link. Such equipment should be enough for a comfortable game, if necessary - we plan to put it together with additional machines (just like the CCP does in EvE), because it is allowed by the LOA coding architecure.

The group of people involved in our project has the status of prealpha admin (we have participated in the work on the game for years) which ensures us constant contact with the administrators and developers of Citadel Studios. Every day we fight LOA routes in Europe and, basically, in the world and it is really fun.

Information on the progress of the SVAROG project can be followed under the adress - legendsofaria.pl and loa.onl If anyone of you would have a moment and would like to know the game - we invite you to the tab of our site "How to play"

See you in the world of Celador!