SVAROG server regulations:
Creating an account on the game server or on our site is tantamount to accepting the following Regulations:

1.SVAROG is a Legends of Aria server - run under Citadel Studios license
2. The server operates on the heatstart status - i.e. the activity carried out in connection with the ongoing development work. Thus, due to the constantly modified coding of the game's mechanics, we can not rule out the need to modify some of the records in the server databases - before its official premiere.
3. Each of the players, before logging into the server, must have a copy of the game purchased from the Publisher of Legends of Aria (the package with access in the period preceding the premiere of the game). Description of how to connect with SVAROG, you can find on our page in the "How to play" tab.
4. There are no account limits on the SVAROG server.
5. In the case of passive macros (automatic performance of activities without a stay at the computer) - it is allowed to implement activities, unless they are aimed at acquiring raw materials in the game (eg you can not passively extract ores but you can passively change your existing ore into bars).
6. Errors found in the game can not be used with the intention of knowingly obtaining tangible benefits.
7. While participating in the adventures on SVAROG as well as on the communication channels of the server (chat / forum), it is requested to maintain the standards of culture and respect (netiquette), including avoiding spam.

Common record
By creating a server, we ensure the existence of our shared virtual world - further enhancing knowledge in the field of coding in #C, as well as management, creation and development of network projects. Our project is not a commercial project and therefore we do not operate to achieve any profit. The use of our resources (website / game server) does not involve any mandatory or optional fees. All funds received as part of any donations are allocated for the purpose of maintaining and possibly expanding the project infrastructure (dedicated servers and links in the server room, server software licenses, hosting, domains, etc.). All work carried out on the project is carried out on a voluntary basis.

Due to the above, we kindly ask you for understanding for our possible mistakes and trips :)